LCD Projector Rentals

There are a few basic rules you need to follow when renting an LCD Projector.

Plan ahead, at least one to two weeks in advance, to make sure the right type of projector is available for rent. The type and power of the LCD Projector should depend on the type of presentation, the size of the audience, viewing angle, viewing distance, room brightness, and location. And remember that more powerful projectors are often larger and heavier so they are not very ideal for mobility.

Double-check to make sure that the projector is fully functional and all the connections such as power supply cord, the VGA cable (if connecting to a standard PC or laptop), or S-video (if connecting to standard video sources like VCRs) are in proper order when renting a LCD Projector.

When dealing with the rental company, inquire if they will be able to deliver the equipment and if they are going to pick it up after use. Make sure they will - in order to avoid accidental damage to the LCD projector (and accessories) when it’s being carried around.

Scheduling multiple presentations in a specific area together can be useful because many rental services feature reduced rates for rentals with longer durations. For example, instead of renting an LCD projector for just two days at the beginning and end of the week, you may save a lot more money by renting it for a for a business week.

LCD projectors are typically more expensive than conventional ones. So, most rental services will allow you to purchase insurance for a small fee, which can be much cheaper than repairing or replacing the projector in case of damage.

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