Benefits of a High-Quality LCD Projector Lamp for Your LCD

In terms of multimedia presentations, LCD projectors have proven to provide impressive image quality and high resolutions. However, if your projector suddenly fails to work and you need to present a proposal with potential clients, it could cause your business to lose money, or worse, it could cause your job.

The most common problem of projectors is the sudden burn out of LCD projector lamps. Fortunately, these LCD projector lamps can be easily replaced. Although anyone can replace the lamps for your LCD projector, choosing the lamp can be an overwhelming task. You need to ensure that the type of lamp you buy is compatible with your projector.

A high-quality LCD projector lamp should be able to operate for over 4,000 hours. However, the measurements of lamp life are not reliable because the lamp can still work, even if it becomes dimmer. For this reason, you need to check the “peak lamp life” listed in most manufacturers of LCD projector lamps, which provides users with information of the total brightness a particular lamp could provide.

Choosing a high-quality lamp for your LCD projector should be your first concern, instead of price. Compared to the affordable halogen lamps that last about 70 hours, metal halide lamps can work up to 500 hours. Meaning, the more expensive LCD projector lamp you choose, the longer-lasting life it would provide.

How to Choose an LCD Projector Lamp

There are only two types of lamps used in LCD projectors – metal halide and tungsten halogen. In order to choose a quality lamp, you have to understand how each one works.

A metal-halide lamp provides better brightness, but lower consumption of power. Be aware that lamp wattages do not reflect the brightness. Metal-halide LCD projector lamps are more efficient because it could provide your projector with a very white light until the end of its life.

On the other hand, tungsten-halogen lamps produce whiter lights because it runs at a higher temperature than other lamps. Although the white light will become yellow during its lifetime, it provides a longer lamp life because of its low-pressure and high temperature features.

Although metal-halide LCD projector lamps are more expensive, they could provide over 2,000 hours compared to the tungsten-halogen lamps’ 70 hours of operation. Be aware that lamps of your projectors could last longer when you operate them in “economy mode”, which automatically cools down when the projector becomes idle.

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