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Some of the various indispensable parts of a video projector are the feed spool, xenon arc lamp, projection lens, optical sound head, take up spool, an aperture, normal lens and a rotating shutter. But with the advancement of science, new technologies have come into play. The projectors have become much more advanced in terms of clarity of picture and the quality of the pixels. Also, the projectors have found use in everyday households, as new versions of domestic projectors have arrived on the market. The abundance of LCD projectors, DLP projectors and video projectors has allowed the common man to enjoy the experience of a big theater hall in his living room.

Video projectors have become very common throughout the world. One can have all the excitement and enjoyment of a big movie blockbuster at home. They are also used in schools and colleges where it is necessary to show videos and films on a regular basis to a large number of people.

It is always advisable to the users of video projectors or projection televisions to pay attention to the scaler. One can use a number of processors, scalers or switches to optimize the video sources to best match the native resolution of your video projector, flat panel, or LCD/DLP-based rear projection television. Video projectors have some kind of capability for scaling. Making use of or implementing an outboard processor or a scaler can raise the performance level to a much higher level for both video display and source components.

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